Regional board members

  • Regional director, CHAE
  • County managers
  • National Council Representative
  • CPC chairperson

Regional Board meetings

  • Meeting to be held on quarterly basis chaired by the regional director
  • Regional board is responsible for deliberating on regional matters including remuneration for the county officials i.e. board members allowance
  • National and regional Strategic plan implementation
  • The board shall develop resource mobilization strategies for the region
  • Ratification of the county budgets as presented by the county managers

County Proactive cohort (CPC)

To be a member of the cohort one must

  • Been a registered society member and has membership. Graduates from CHAE programs are guaranteed membership for one year without payment of membership fee.
  • Have the community at heart
  •  Must have the core values of the organization
  •  Must be disciplined and hardworking
  •  Must never be missing a meeting
  • Must be honest, diligent and innovative

CPC membership is ceased on the following conditions:

  • Non commitment to serving the community
  • Failure to register/renew membership
  • Conflict of interest with the society
  • Termination by Regional Board with approval from the deputy director for administration and human resource

Duties of the County Proactive Cohort

  • CPC shall be meeting twice a month and minutes noted in the administrative structure.
  • CPC shall be responsible for enactment of membership guidelines and by laws-laws governing the CPC sitting
  • CPC shall be responsible for group activities and resource mobilization, group income generating and learning activities etc
  • Selling CHAE policies and implementation of the mission of the Society
  • CPC members are tagged with good community examples by all means
  • CPC members shall be responsible for deriving membership of the society at the county level.

Duties of the County Proactive Cohort

  1. Chairperson– Elected by the CPC, responsible for governance of the County CPC
  2. Secretary – Elected by the CPC, responsible for all CPC minutes, meetings and programs
  3. Treasurer – Elected by the CPC, responsible for banking, financial records, and budget implementation of the CPC

Member of the National Council

  •  Member of the county CHAE Proactive Cohort (CPC)
  • Must be elected by the  CPC in their respective counties
  • Must be responsible, honest, mature and accountable
  •  Shall be attending to national exchange conferences and workshops and relay the information back to the county.