CHAE Kenya Society has been involved in fighting the menace of HIV/AIDS in the community mainly through informing others and encouraging them to participate in the following activities.

A.      Awareness

We achieve these through holding community conversations with stakeholders, Community members, Youth and the key populations. As a contribution to the KASF as launched in 2014, CHAE Kenya advocates for ownership of HIV programs by utilization of locally available resources.

We partner with NACC through their sub-county coordinators to train members of the community on HIV/AIDS Management Certificate course in order to sustain the education in the community in our absence.

B.      HIV Testing and Counseling

In partnership with NASCOP, we train our members and even non-members on HTC to become competent HTC providers in our facilities. The trainees are certified and approved competent by the Ministry of Health. Our trainings are done quarterly in our fourteen counties. The training is usually charged at a minimal fee.

The key objective of this pillar;

To improve and rectify the awareness of HIV/AIDS among the members of the community and ultimately to know their status.


  • To increase the number of HTC providers in the community.
  • To increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS in the community.


C.      Behavior Change Communication

Behavior change communication (BCC) is an interactive process with communities to develop tailored messages and approaches using a variety of communication channels to develop positive behaviors; promote and sustain individual community and societal behavior change; and maintain appropriate behaviors. CHAE Kenya conducts BCC with groups in the community and with the students in schools and colleges.


  • To promote services for prevention, care and support of HIV/AIDS.
  • To reduce stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.
  • To promote acceptance among communities of youth sexuality and the value of reproductive health services for youth.