More than simply training, capacity development refers to activities that strengthen an organization and help it better fulfill its mission.  As an organization with focus on the changing the partners and stakeholders, CHAE Kenya has extensive field experience provides evidence to inform a contextualized response.

The CCS model focuses on organization system strengthening.  CCS is based on the understanding that knowledge is experiential, socially and culturally constructed.

Under CCS, learning is approached as a social process which recognizes that everyone has something to offer.

The model emphasizes interaction between staff from the sub-partner organizations and CHAE Kenya staff undertaking similar activities daily basis.  This ensures a high level of competence underpinning the capacity development process.

The key objective of this pillar:

To strengthen the response of local organizations by establishing operational organizational systems that foster successful and sustainable community development.


  • To increase coverage and improve access to development services
  • To improve the quality of services offered by the sub-partners
  • To reinforce the sustainability of the interventions offered by the sub-partner organizations and therefore strengthen the response to community challenges.